Virtual Office Services – is your business making the right first impression?

This blog post originally appeared on The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd here.

You’ve put in all the hard work getting your business off the ground and you’re continuing to nurture it as it grows, but are you making the right first impression?

Unfortunately, no matter how brilliant your product or services are if your business doesn’t give off a professional and reliable image to potential customers, then so much of your hard work is going to waste! According to a British Telecom survey, a huge number, 59% in fact, of businesses have missed a call from a customer who then never calls back again equating to a massive average loss of £1230 in business!

59% of businesses have missed a call from a customer who then never calls back

work from anywherePerhaps you run a e-Bay shop, are purely offering e-commerce services or you’re a freelancer who utilises the increasingly popular Costa and Starbucks coffee-shop offices? You might live in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff or anywhere else in Wales for that matter. Regardless, your business deserves a great first impression and a virtual office provides you with all of the perks and benefits of a physical space but without the cost or hassle of managing an office, especially if there’s only going to be one or two of you in it.

Virtual office services are still experiencing growth. With a virtual office, you can take full advantage of all of the business services that you would get with a physical office such as a prestigious central address and call handling facilities. For example, a dedicated reception team can handle all your mail and here at The Business Centre, we can even take deliveries on your behalf where you can then pop in at a time to suit you to collect it at a more convenient time or we can even forward it onto your home or operational address at standard postal rates! With a call handling service, you’ll never miss that all important call from a customer ever again, with your own personal business telephone number that can be answered in the name of your business, providing a priceless point of contact with your customers.

A great virtual office set up provides you with just more tools to make your business run that much more smoothly whilst also ensuring that you and your company stand out from the crowd by creating a perfect first impression. Don’t put yourself in the 59% that’s missing out, create your perfect virtual office set up and make your business unforgettable!

If this has all inspired you to start creating great lasting first impressions then sign up to our Virtual Office service today for six months and we’ll give you your first month with us free!

Let me know what you think!

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