What now?

About a month ago, I graduated with Merit from my Masters Degree in Historical Research. A degree that caused a huge amount of stress, pain and terror as I juggled it with working full time, a mental health condition, an immune system that seemed to give out on me every month and a social-ish life.  Now I’ve been to the ceremony and thrown my hat in the air, everyone keeps asking me, what now? What are you going to do with TWO history degrees?? Are you going to become a teacher? Are you going to do a PhD?

And honestly, I have no idea… to any of it. I have spent the months since I gave in my dissertation feeling a bit lost and depleted, without any real enthusiasm or motivation to move forward, because I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Recently, I’ve taken to thinking about it in a more positive light and focusing on the things I do know:
– I know that I love to write
– I know that I love being creative, whether it’s pulling together a marketing campaign or drawing my childish cartoons
– I know that I love studying history and even if it means having two degrees in a subject that I never have a career in, they’ve not been wasted
– I have a great position in a start up working with a variety of clients from different industries and whilst it might not be relevant to my degree or study interest, for now, it’s enough and it’s (mostly) enjoyable.

I guess I picture my life as some creative bubble composing of my role at Oncree, the Creative Agency I work with, the fun designs and cartoons that I do with my partner, Scott, and my own personal creative writing. Hopefully, I can make that vision into some kind of reality. So I guess, that’s what’s next!

Let me know what you think!

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