See you later, May!

At the moment I have a lovely problem as a freelancer: I have almost too much work to do. Whilst I’m working towards consistency and constantly having work coming in at a steady stream, I do get affected by the peaks and troughs that I think are typical to some extent of being a freelancer. April was a quiet-ish month for me but May has been full speed and has flown by.

I have been freelancing for about two and a half years now, I fell into freelancing when I left my full time job working in a marketing team to pursue my Master’s Degree in Historical Research (which I recently graduated in with Merit!) and it began as a more flexible way to manage both work and study. I began by taking on writing projects, managing social media accounts, setting up PPC adverts, doing the odd bit of SEO and keyword research and it grew from there. To the point that now I have a number of brands that I work with every month. It hasn’t been easy juggling the work, study, invoicing and the highs and lows of freelancing, motivating myself etc but it has been everything that I needed it to be.

Working 9-5 doesn’t suit my hours of highest productivity, although I am up early most days, I spend my mornings doing the low key tasks that don’t take too much concentration: replying to emails, checking and responding to messages on Linkedin, checking the social media accounts I manage for comments/replies. It’s late afternoon and into the evening that I’m really motivated, concentrated and productive.

Although I’ve been super busy this month and it feels like it’s flown by, it’s nice to sit down and reflect on some of the really lovely projects that have been completed this month. For example, I wrote the English website copy for a luxury Riad style hotel that has opened in the Loire Valley. I’ve worked with a healthcare provider who are organising an event to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and needed some help with strategy and content. I ‘popped over’ to France last week to work closely with an integrated creative agency I do lots of with for to help create a new video for their website, you can even see me in the video demonstrating drawing on a tablet and sticking post it notes up on a whiteboard and smiling!

Of course, I came back from France with even more work than before I left and lost a week to actually do any work. So whilst my loved ones are out enjoying the glorious weather this bank holiday weekend, I am sat inside, contemplating the sitemap of a new website that I need to finish writing by Tuesday, endless sheets are open in excel for various content/social media strategy plans and creative plans of my own just doodled on scraps of paper.

Would I give up this juggling act to go back to a 9-5? I don’t think so.

Let me know what you think!

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