How to go viral on Social Media

Are you looking to stand out? To create thumb-stopping content? To be the next social media SUPER STAR?! 👑 

Then these super easy breezy tips are here to help you set up good habits, processes and a place to start with content creation. 

Disclaimer: none of these tips will actually make you go viral but they’ll all contribute to getting you to a place of making good content that will stand out. And you know, all it takes is one relatable piece of content to go viral and whoosh, off you go. 

Quality over Quantity

What good are vanity metrics if people double tap and then scroll on by? It’s a bit like trying to find love by dressing up and hanging out in the frozen food aisle:

lots of people might pause and smile at you. But then 99% will just go on with their shopping.

Create content that makes people stop and want to find out more about you, your brand and your journey. Grab that little red heart, plus maybe, a little piece of their actual heart?

Be Consistent

Did you know that it takes on average 66 days to form a habit? It takes a bit of work at first, but creating content that stands out and actually matters is kind of the same as any skill or habit-building action.

So, it’ll require a bit of effort at first but make a plan for when you’re going to show up, be it daily, weekly or annually (do not recommend unless you’re really famous, 0/5 stars) and stick to it.

Get Chatting

Not everything is about you, Janet.

Not a joke, just a fact. It’s not all about you, it’s all about your connections. Use language that works for your audience, find a tone of voice that works for you and just start a conversation.

Top tip: add a ‘call to action’ to your posts to tell them what you want them to do next. ‘Double-tap if you feel this’, ‘Slide into my DM’s for free doughnuts’, ‘visit my website for all of my secrets’. That kind of thing.

Caption This

Captions are a fantastic place to share some personality, inspiration and a good ol’ story. It doesn’t need to be an essay, but maybe a bit more than a haiku.

Unless you’re really good at haikus.

Instagram are (obviously) very secretive about the algorithm but it seems like longer captions tend to do better. And of course they do, your audience is getting a bit more of an insight into who you are.

Go Viral

Ah, the ultimate goal: to go viral.

People are weird, poeple are fickle. Sometimes things just work and it’s because they’re relatable, funny or just really, really odd…

I can’t tell you how to become an overnight sensation, to go viral or to become the next TikTok superstar, sorry.

BUT by creating relatable, shareable content, you’re one step closer.

You’re a Winner, Baby!

There’s no secret sauce or quick fix to standing out and showing up, and ultimately going a bit viral on social media. But these cute lil’ tips should give you a solid foundation to start.

If you’re floundering, you can always slide into my DM’s and see if we can work together. No promises to make you go viral though.

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