what’s it like to work with me?

Warning: this contains some swears.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my little biz and the perks of working with me. I’ve come to realise there’s a few, and definitely more than I give myself credit for. 

For the first 12-18 months of running my small business, I really struggled with imposter syndrome, and it was this awful see-saw that I just couldn’t get off. You see, I knew that I was talented at writing, I knew that I had a skill that not everyone had. But I also thought I was absolutely shit and was terrified that at any point, a client would return my work back to me and say something like… you think I’m gonna pay for this? Are you joking? You know, like some kind of New York Mob Boss from a film.

I did a lot of work, and continue to do a lot of work on myself and my small business to overcome that imposter syndrome, but that inner critic, well, she’s a bit of a dick and likes to hang out in my head, especially when I’m really tired and working against a deadline. But regardless of what she says, the truth is, there’s lot of great things about working with me, and I’ve never had anything close to even neutral feedback, on the whole, my clients love my work.

so, what’s so great about working with me?

As a writer and coach-in-training, I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good listener and communicator. I love building long-term relationships, and I only work with brands that I care about to ensure that my heart is all in.

I’m really warm and empathetic, the kind of person that skips over small talk and dives into the deep stuff. Honestly, there’s something about me that encourages people to share deep secrets and rambles about the universe. I’m not sure why, I naturally encourage people to lean in, and I love that people trust me with these pieces of themselves.

Often my clients are surprised to find out that I’m busy or working on things outside of our time together. And this is because I like my clients to feel like they’re my only client. When I’m working with a client, I like them to have all of my attention, creativity and focus during our time together. There’s been occasions when I’ve contacted other service providers, from personal trainers to VAs etc, and I didn’t enjoy feeling like one of many, or just something to tick off in the week. So, I work hard to ensure that my clients never feel that way.

I’m upfront and honest, I don’t shy away from awkward topics like budget, expectations and boundaries. I think it’s important to be clear and transparent, and I expect the same from my clients.

I work a lot on chemistry and gut instinct, I want to get into your business and under its skin to really understand it. I like to hold all the different parts in my hands and inspect them from all angles, and that’s how we get the best results. My briefs dig deep so I can really create the best pieces of work for you. But that’s uncomfortable for some people. And that’s okie, but we probably won’t work well together if you’re only looking for surface level results.

I’ve got two retainer spots opening in May, wanna see if we give and could work together? Drop me a message

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