Helen: a journey of discovery and empowerment

Please note, this client was happy for her testimonial and journey to be used but not her name and photo, so Helen is not her real name.

When Helen approached me, she had recently been diagnosed with ADHD in her late twenties. Helen was working with a therapist on the processing of her feelings around her diagnosis and untangling the things she’d been beating herself up for that were actually due to her ADHD.  

However, she wanted to also work with a coach to put in some processes to develop routines and habits (as these didn’t come automatically to Helen), as well as to find some direction for her life as she felt like she bounced from job to job, never really finding the right fit.  

I had the privilege of working closely with Helen as she navigated her diagnosis, transformed her habits, and discovered a path that truly resonated with her. Through a combination of coaching and positive psychology techniques, Helen not only found effective ways to work with her ADHD but also unearthed a newfound sense of direction and purpose in her life.

Unravelling the threads of self-doubt

At the onset of our coaching relationship, Helen grappled with a whirlwind of emotions. The revelation of her ADHD diagnosis left her feeling uncertain and questioning her worth. Together, we embarked on a journey of introspection, creating a safe space where Helen could openly explore her thoughts and feelings without judgment. The path to self-acceptance was not always smooth, but as Helen began to untangle the threads of self-doubt, she found the courage to embrace her differences. Realising that ADHD was just one aspect of her identity and not a defining label, Helen discovered the freedom that comes with accepting oneself wholly. 

Habit stacking 

One of Helen’s greatest challenges was establishing routines and habits that catered to her unique way of processing the world. Traditional to-do lists and rigid schedules felt suffocating, leaving her frustrated and overwhelmed. Together, we explored the concept of “habit stacking,” a personalised approach to habit formation that allowed Helen to harness her strengths. By aligning her routines with her natural energy and focusing on priority-driven tasks, Helen embraced a newfound sense of productivity and purpose. The liberation from conventional norms brought a sense of empowerment she had never experienced before. 

Finding professional fulfilment

For years, Helen had wandered through an array of jobs, searching for the perfect fit. The fear of pursuing her true passions had led her to abandon acting a few years prior, deeming it an impractical dream. In our coaching sessions, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery, exploring different career paths, including the seemingly “unrealistic” ones. As we unveiled her true passions, Helen’s love for acting resurfaced. Encouraging her to pursue her dreams, she embarked on auditions with newfound confidence and self-belief. 

The power of creativity

Acting became more than a career pursuit; it evolved into a transformative tool for self-expression and healing. Helen discovered that artistic endeavours provided an outlet for her emotions, allowing her to communicate and connect with others. Helen found solace in the storm of emotions that ADHD sometimes stirred. Her journey as an actor became a profound source of empowerment, supporting her to embrace vulnerability and authenticity. 

Tools for continual growth

As our coaching journey reached its conclusion, Helen was armed with an invaluable toolkit for continued growth and self-empowerment. Alongside improved habit-building techniques, she had honed her communication skills, allowing her to express her emotions effectively. Helen’s enhanced self-awareness served as a guiding light, helping her navigate life’s uncertainties with newfound confidence and resilience. The journey of self-acceptance had opened doors to endless possibilities, each step taken with self-assurance and grace. 

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Helen said…

When I met Saloni, it was about six months after I’d been diagnosed with ADHD at 29. Although I’d been going through the process for years and I knew it was coming, I didn’t expect the way that the diagnosis would change me and my life. But something shifted within me, I just didn’t really know what to do with that shift or how I could move forward.  

But working with Saloni helped me to untangle that shift and I can’t believe how much my life opened up. I thought I was happy but working with Saloni showed me how small I’d been keeping my dreams, and she supported me to explore them in a safe way.  

My favourite thing about working with Saloni is that she’s really easy to talk to and so lovely, but she’ll also straight up tell you when you need that little push. In my discovery call she said her approach was ‘honest but gentle’, and that’s exactly how I’d describe her! I absolutely recommend Saloni to anyone looking for coaching.

Embrace your uniqueness, ignite your potential

Helen’s story illustrates the transformative power of self-acceptance and embracing one’s unique qualities. Her journey from uncertainty to empowerment serves as a poignant reminder that our differences are not limitations but opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment. 

By embracing our true selves, just as Helen did, we unlock the door to our authentic potential. With self-acceptance as our compass, we can embark on a journey of personal growth, discovering passions and strengths that lead us to a life of purpose and joy.  

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