who am I?

A storyteller at heart, I take words and turn them into stories packed full of feeling. 

I’ve spent the last 12-15 years developing a career in marketing & copywriting, I’ve worked with a variety of big and little brands, creating engaging content for social and search.

I got my first byline when I was 15, my writing has won awards, I’ve worked on international marketing campaigns and people say lovely things to me like ‘I knew that you wrote this, it has that dusting of you all over it!’ 

I’ve also spent the last 12-15 years struggling with my mental health. 

I didn’t really feel like I was building a career because I never expected to live beyond 25, so I was just doing what I was good at to make money in the meantime. 

Until I got to a point where I was sort of resigned to being here. I was still sad, but I was here, so I started focusing on each day as it came. 

I started my own business and tried to take control of my happiness and mental health when I was 25. 

It started small, trying to think of one small thing that went well that day. Taking tiny steps in one direction, I just kept putting one foot in front of another. And then I poked my head out when I was 27, and realised that I think I might be happy? 

And at 30, I realised that I was pretty content. So, I decided to start training as a Coach, I trained as a Mental Health First Aider, and become a Happiness Facilitator. 

I wanted to spread some joy around. I wanted to show other people that happiness is in the every day. It’s in comfy socks, hazelnut syrup in your morning coffee & burning the fancy candles that you’ve been saving for a ‘special’ occasion. 

Now I’m 32, and I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been. You couldn’t have told the me from ten years ago that not only would I be pleased to be here, but I’m happy. I’m so close to qualifying as a Coach and I’m so looking forward to next year and what it might bring. 

It’s been a journey and a half, but would I change any of it? Er yeah, probably most of it, but it’s made me who I am, and I guess that’s the important bit. 

Saloni, 2022 (not at 7).

When I grow up, I want to be a writer and write lots of books, and write for lots of magazines.

— Saloni, aged 7.

Words are kinda my thing

Plethora is my favourite word. When I worked in-house for a large travel company, I had to stop myself from overusing it. However, there really is a plethora of awe-inspiring sights to be found in Croatia.

In addition to my varied work as a freelancer, I have experience working within an in-house team both client and agency side. I work with brands to find their voice and identity; creating a story from their values and building a narrative that’s full of feeling that allows them to connect with their audience. For some projects include a total overhaul to their marketing approach and for others, I’ll write a guest blog post or their meet the team pages.

I am passionate about identity in general, I have a BA in History as well as recently completing a Masters Degree (with merit) in Historical Research and my research centres around identity, race and gender through history.

A native Londoner, however, I work with clients across the world, from Italy, France and America.

What People Say

Saloni has been writing for our charity for over 2 years now. Saloni is a fantastic writer and always knows what we want. She asks the right questions and quickly turns around a fantastic piece of work. The help and support she has provided for us has helped bring our beneficiaries to the support they need.

Sian Woodland, Woody’s Lodge

Saloni was a joy to work with! Her talent for copywriting shone through on every project we collaborated on. Saloni was professional, efficient and approachable and her design briefs were clear and concise which meant our projects always went smoothly. I would without a doubt recommend Saloni and would be delighted to work with her again in the future.

Vanessa George, Graphic Designer

By creating us a cohesive and personal content & SEO strategy, which she has executed brilliantly, Saloni has written for us flawlessly and helped us to connect with our audience on social media. Plus, thanks to her writing expertise, we have been recognised with two awards for our dedication to sustainability.

Scott Middler, along came loni

Let’s build something together.

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