About me

With 10+ years working as a freelance writer, I have experience across a broad spectrum of writing to a variety of different briefs across multiple mediums for clients from a range of industries and backgrounds – both B2B and B2C. From stand-out social media posts to engaging copy for apps, websites and emails to travel brochures to press releases and more journalistic articles, I have a plethora of experience.

Side note: Plethora is my favourite word. When I worked in-house for a large travel company, I had to stop myself from overusing it. However, there really is a plethora of awe-inspiring sights to be found in Croatia.

In addition to my varied work as a freelancer, I have five years experience working within an in-house team both client and agency side. I work with brands to find their voice and identity; from this we identify their audiences and the demographics that they wish to target. Some projects include a total overhaul to their marketing approach and for others, I’ll write a guest blog post.

I am passionate about identity in general, I have a BA in History as well as recently completing a Masters Degree (with merit) in Historical Research and my research centres around South African identity and how it’s been fractured and affected by apartheid.

A native Londoner, I am based in South East London with my two cats and enough plants to challenge Kew Gardens.