Currently based in South East London, I am mastering the art of juggling many projects in co-ordination with a Masters degree and general life.

I write across a range of genres on a Freelance basis with almost a decade of experience. With five years experience working within a marketing team working across traditional and digital advertising as an in-house copywriter, I am able to write persuasively and concisely as well as having an interest in producing interesting and organically curated SEO content that can contribute to any Content Marketing campaign.

With an undergraduate degree (and halfway to a Masters degree) in History, I’m confident researching and writing about new subjects with a minimal brief.

In addition, I am also a published poet. This is a creative pursuit in my own time, but it’s still quite interesting to know. I also have two cats, this is probably less interesting to know. However, I did get hired for my first ever in-house position after showing my interviewer a picture of my kitten in a bumblebee costume (no one’s hired me on that basis since, interestingly).