Hello 2019!

Hello, hello, hello! Since becoming a freelancer full time a few months ago, I've been running around a bit and completely forgotten to update my website with all of the interesting things that I've been doing. However, one of my goals for 2019 is definitely definitely to be better at keeping my website up-to-date! In … Continue reading Hello 2019!

See you later, May!

At the moment I have a lovely problem as a freelancer: I have almost too much work to do. Whilst I'm working towards consistency and constantly having work coming in at a steady stream, I do get affected by the peaks and troughs that I think are typical to some extent of being a freelancer. … Continue reading See you later, May!

What now?

About a month ago, I graduated with Merit from my Masters Degree in Historical Research. A degree that caused a huge amount of stress, pain and terror as I juggled it with working full time, a mental health condition, an immune system that seemed to give out on me every month and a social-ish life. … Continue reading What now?

How to be happy

That thing that we're all striving for and constantly in pursuit of, can be summed up in the Oxford English Dictionary in just six words.

Hello, twenty seven. 

On the 5th October, I will be twenty seven.