How to choose your content pillars

On a scale of 1-10, how strategic do you feel you are with your content marketing?  When I work with clients who are completely overwhelmed by content creation and what they should be saying in their content marketing, I always say let’s pull it back to the basics.  At this point, I’m assuming we’re clearContinue reading “How to choose your content pillars”

Lessons from my cat almost killing me 

On 9 March 2023, my partner, Scott, and I completed on our first home. A cute two bed flat with a stunning balcony in a new build development in South West London. It felt like a massive achievement, not only did Scott and I both grow up in London, we both come from working classContinue reading “Lessons from my cat almost killing me “

I am small, but mighty.

Warning: swears ahead. Over on Instagram, I have something like 300ish followers right now, and it’s something I’ve felt a lot of shame about in the past. I grow other people’s accounts for work and I get results, I’ve built up @alongcameloni’s Instagram account to a solid place over the last year or two. IContinue reading “I am small, but mighty.”

This is a local website for local people: top tips for improving your local SEO

The internet is a wild ride; it can be glorious and grim. But something that the internet is great at is connecting businesses and brands with their audiences. Thanks to the internet, we can connect with people from all across the world, and many of us do. But don’t forget about your locals; Mary &Continue reading “This is a local website for local people: top tips for improving your local SEO”

Er sorry, who do you think you’re speaking to in that tone?

Scott and I are generally very easy breezy, especially with each other. We never argue, which is why when things get a bit stressy, and there is the slightest raised voice, I need to remind him who he’s talking to:  ‘Please don’t shout at me, love.’  There has never been an instance of shouting atContinue reading “Er sorry, who do you think you’re speaking to in that tone?”

Some Lessons from David Ogilvy

Our parents teach us some pretty important stuff, right?  From my parents, I have learnt some excellent life lessons:  it’s vital to have an opinion (my mum is a Leo and has an opinion on everything) it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed Always be kind  Follow your dreams, not the money because wealth comesContinue reading “Some Lessons from David Ogilvy”

How to go viral on Social Media

Are you looking to stand out? To create thumb-stopping content? To be the next social media SUPER STAR?! 👑  Then these super easy breezy tips are here to help you set up good habits, processes and a place to start with content creation.  Disclaimer: none of these tips will actually make you go viral butContinue reading “How to go viral on Social Media”