diversity, equity, and inclusion

As a writer and a coach, my goal is to help everyone reach their full potential, achieve their goals, and express themselves by sharing their story. I aim to support everyone to find and create their place in the world. For me, this means going beyond tolerating diversity and, instead, celebrating and encouraging diversity. Whether I work with individuals or organisations, I seek to foster an empowering culture wherever I work. 

We all have different experiences, and I acknowledge my personal bias. Additionally, I recognise my privilege and accountability as a white woman. I’m committed to challenging systems of oppression that restrict social identity and beliefs. 

I am committed to working with diverse networks to build momentum toward a shared goal of societal change. In my experience, this can mean writing stories that share a comprehensive perspective of views, and in my coaching, I recognise and challenge systemic injustice.

An inclusive culture empowers all of us to connect, belong, and grow. Without diversity of thought and a commitment to equality, there is no moving forward. Whilst we are all unique, together, we are extraordinary. Diversity, equity, and inclusion mean maximising the opportunities for everyone’s talents and resources to be fully utilised, and to make space to not only hear all the voices in the room but listen too.

Basically, it’s not enough to invite everyone to the party, you’ve actually got to be a good host too.

A DEI plan is never ‘done’, and I am continually educating myself and assessing the inclusive nature of my services to ensure that everything I am doing is working towards an inclusive future, addressing any issues, and being the change, I want to see.