wouldn’t it be nice if
your biz gave you joy,
not more things to juggle?

you’ve got the idea, you’ve got the enthusiasm, you’re even doing pretty well, but you’re wearing more hats than Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses has dresses.

you’re overwhelmed and frankly, all of those hats look uncomfy, so, let’s work together to streamline your hat collection. Or if you’re bored of the metaphor, to create a thriving, sustainable business.

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How can we work together?

Tired of being a one-person show, juggling endless tasks and feeling the weight of overwhelm? Let’s take your business from feeling blah to brilliant.


Empowering small businesses to conquer confidence, master their mindset, & achieve measurable success through tailored small business coaching.


Elevating businesses through strategic digital consultancy, using tried & tested methods that are driven by data to unlock growth and maximise online potential.


Connecting humans by transforming messages into compelling stories that resonate. I’m currently only taking on limited copy projects, contact me for more info.

Small Business Coach,
Marketing Consultant, Cheerleader.

I think there’s probably 101 reasons why working with me is a great idea, but here’s the top five:

Expertise that transforms: With over 15 years in marketing strategy, I’ve seen almost everything. Let’s turn your challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth.

Tailored strategies for you: No cookie-cutter solutions or one hit wonders here. We’ll work together to craft a marketing strategy that aligns with your unique goals, making sure you achieve results that matter.

Reclaim your time: Say goodbye to being buried under marketing tasks. I’ll show you time-saving techniques that let you focus on what truly drives your business.

From overwhelmed to confident: When marketing isn’t really your bag, you might get so far just winging it or doing what everyone else is on the ‘gram. But with expert guidance and simplified strategies, you’ll confidently navigate the marketing landscape.

Measurable results: Your success shouldn’t be a mystery; it’s data-driven. This is how you build a sustainable, thriving business. Together, we’ll measure and celebrate every step of your growth journey.

nice things said about me

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Since starting with Saloni, I’ve accomplished so much with my small business but also in my personal life. Saloni instantly made me feel comfortable and I felt like we got on straight away and that she understood my rambles.
Honestly every session left me feeling motivated and less anxious and stressed, even now I feel able to breathe and not overwhelmed by my ever growing to do list.

Katie Kherroubi

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I felt very stuck in needing to work on my new business but struggled to find time away from my young children.Through my sessions with Saloni, I was able to explore and try out a range of alternative means to get the support I needed. I was also able to explore some underlying mental barriers that were holding me back.Through the coaching sessions with Saloni, I was finally able to progress, in a way that worked well for my family.

Nelema Miah

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Working with Saloni shed light on all priorities in my life and my goals over the next five years.The onus was put on me to take steps toward goals I had sidelined and thanks to Saloni, I have taken meaningful strides towards them.The sessions were a good space to reflect aloud while being asked the questions I may have circumvented. Overall, I have made huge progress towards my goals in life and feel like I have the ability to achieve them.

Steven Sanchez

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